The Home Improvement Enemy

…”I was going to join Procrastinators Anonymous today, but I think I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Cute – yet, procrastination can be the number one home improvement enemy to getting that interior design project started or completed.

It’s is a behavior that effects almost everyone at one time or another.

It’s strange how this little critter feeds on itself. For example, if you need to write someone or make a phone call, you put it off until you feel guilty…then you feel guilty, so, its put it off even more…now you’re feeling even worse. The ironic part of this is when you finally do act on what needs to be done…you feel so much better and the consequences of putting it off are surprisingly mild.

So, why do we procrastinate? Here are some main reasons.

1. Fear – Usually a subtle shadow of emotion that breaks down into 2 categories:

Fear of failure. What if your interior design efforts don’t turn out the way you expected? What if you make a mistake? What if the color or furniture piece is wrong? And, so it goes. This kind of thinking will only sabotage some great design goals. True there is risk in design, but there is so much help available to get you going, it can only paralyze if you allow it.

Fear of Success may mean the requirement to perform consistently a certain way for continued benefit- and we just may not want to do that…

2. The task at hand may not be a priority. There may be something else that is “way more important”. This can be a legitimate reason for a season, but when does it become just an excuse?

3. Not Enough Information. Again a reasonable delay but at what point do we need to find the information to finish the task. Free information is dripping off the internet. This fantastic Ezine service is a good case in point. It’s loaded with valuable information from experts around the world containing most everything you need to know about interior design from A to Z.

4. Too Busy – Ha, ain’t it the truth – or is it?

5. Procrastination is Our Friend. We put fun stuff in its place. Who wouldn’t want to go out for coffee with a friend over laundry, ironing, painting a wall or closet organization? Doing what is fun is always more fun than doing what needs to be done.

6. Some one else will do it. OK this is a good reason to put it off. Because the truth is, you can recruit someone else to do it. Professional designers, organizers and custom laborers are all out there with a passion to help your interior design ideas come to life. If it’s a budget thing, the problem is not procrastination but cash flow.

7. Don’t Want to Do It – No one wants to do the disgusting (bathrooms) or dangerous (gutter cleaning) jobs. But, a clear understanding of what we will and won’t do clarifies the solution. Hire someone to do it for you!

8. Simple Laziness – I think I’ll take a nap.

Though every one of these 8 procrastination reasons are normal, the consequences to putting things off is the same – stress or a low grade dissatisfaction with the way your home looks and feels because it is simply, not you.

Try not to take the path of procrastination, you will be much happier at home if you work through the ambivalence and start that home interior project today!